Monday, June 24, 2013

Exam :)

Currently located in the level 0 of University of Auckland student commons where there are computers around me. It's 11.25pm here, most people had went home because this place closes at like 12 :)

it's the two weeks of exam here :) currently i am studying, more like cramming for my last test tomorrow. Sociology 100. Haha, 150 multichoice question , i really need my luck tomorrow. i gotta wear all the red things i have tomorrow just to give my luck a little boost because i am pretty sure i will just answer some of the questions by pure guessing.

Blogs. haven't been updating in so long, just wondering whether there are still people reading it or not. Anyway, i will just keep on writing at random times just to keep this blog as one of the memory capsule of my life ^__^ Definitely will come back and look at it in the futute.

To whoever that are reading this, i hope life is treating you well. If it is not, don't give up, i know it's easier to be said than done but think about it, there's no point in giving up, you just gonna lost something after you gave up. This mentality helped me when i was studying for my Japanese earlier this semester. Studying a whole new language from scratch is definitely not an easy task. You need to remember the handwriting of the language, grammar, vocabulary and etc. l got through it , somehow :) so don't give up ! 頑張って

Anyway, l should go back and study for my test tomorrow. Good luck everyone :)

Singing off,


  1. has been waiting for 8 months to read ur update XD

  2. sorry for being late thou :) but thanks for still reading this. whoever you are :D

  3. yo! jie~~~ last post 2013??? OMG!! at least one post a year la.